Dia Perfeito
Our first comic book experiment
"Dia Perfeito" was a college work i developed in mid-2011 with two other friends for semiotics classes. We had about one week to produce it, so we kinda rushed our story and script, making things a little confuse in the end (as we ourselves admit openly). However, what we wanted to focus was the art and we had a bunch of work and fun to put it all together. We had plenty of coffee and nights wide awake. In the end, we were all very satisfied with the result.

We worked altogether in scripting, diagramation, texting and coloring. I did the pencil art and sketching, while BRUNO DINELLI developed the lineart and details in the frames. HEITOR REIS developed plenty of the typographic work and also helped in lineart and details. Take the chance to look a bit further into their work because it's pretty nice.
A few lineart and photos of the whole process
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